Types of Agreements Often Used in Business Practices

In the business world, you must be able to distinguish between different types of agreements for business transactions. Why is that? This is because different legal principles apply to each type of transaction.

The rights and obligations of the parties will be determined by the nature of their contract and the legal rules governing the particular type of agreement.

In addition, agreements in business are more practical than the general rules outlined in the law. The types of agreements in business have their own unique character and concept.

The types of contracts that are often used in business practice include the following:

Contracts Related to the Goods Supply Process

These types of agreements in Indonesia relate to the process of supplying goods in business, both in terms of selling and buying goods.

1. Sale and Purchase Agreement of Goods

Contracts for buying and selling goods are the most common form of business transactions. Every time you buy goods, whether from a supermarket, market stall, doorstep seller, by mail order or using the Internet, you have signed a contract for the sale of goods.

This sale and purchase contract is regulated in the Civil Code, which is specifically contained in article 1457. In that article the sale and purchase is interpreted as an agreement in which one party binds himself to surrender the object and the other party binds himself to submit an amount of money according to the agreed price. .

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The Importance of Knowing Legal Issues for Business

Currently, many people in various countries still do not obey the law. This is due to a lack of understanding of the applicable law. Then, how important is it to know legal issues? Check out the following review.

Community Legal Awareness Level

The level of public awareness of various countries towards the law is currently still low. This is due to several reasons. Lack of trust in law enforcement officials and underestimating sanctions for violating the law are the two main factors of this problem. Not only that, the people of various countries also feel that legal guarantees have not been able to provide safe protection for themselves.

People still think that legal officers in various countries have not been able to apply the legal regulations that have been made. However, there are also many people who still do not understand about legal issues. This is also one of the causes of the low legal awareness of the people in various countries.

The public’s ignorance of this law is usually based on the lack of socialization activities. In addition, the public is also reluctant to study legal issues that seem complicated. Due to the low level of public awareness of the law, the community has not been able to fully comply with the legal regulations so that there are still many violations. When breaking the law and getting strict sanctions for violations, then people learn to know the law.

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Legal Issues of Social Media and Online Transactions

The public is urged to be wiser and increase their understanding of digital law so that they can know their rights and obligations, and avoid legal problems.

The use of the internet has become a daily necessity for most people. Starting for communication, shopping to borrowing money has been done online. However, the rapid use of the internet has not been matched by the digital legal literacy of the community. This results in the emergence of legal problems or disputes caused by the community intentionally or not. Various legal issues on social media, online shopping and online loans are increasingly appearing to the public. The types of cases also vary, such as the spread of fake news or hoaxes, leakage of personal data, fraud to pornography.

advocate and legal consultant, appealed to the public to be wiser and increase their understanding of digital law so that they can know their rights and obligations, and avoid legal problems. He explained that the most common problem encountered was the spread of hoaxes. People still like to spread the gray news of the truth through social media.

Wisely using social media is the most important, such as using FB, Instagram, Twitter and accessing news portals. You have to understand that online interactions are no different from direct interactions. Of course there are certain limitations so you must be wise to interact through social media

various legal violations in online transactions. Cases of product fraud by online stores are often experienced by the public. … Read More

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Federal public defender An attorney employed by the federal courts on a full-time foundation to provide legal protection to defendants who’re unable to afford counsel. The judiciary administers the federal defender program pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act. Bankruptcy courtroom The bankruptcy judges in common energetic service in every district; a unit of the district court docket. “You’re not conversant in the record,” protection counsel Cheryl T. Bormann advised the choose.

Legal Justice

“You aren’t acquainted with the legislation as it applies to capital instances. Being a decide in a trial courtroom requires you to rule spontaneously on objections.” From January 2013 via July 2013, Long created and deposited greater than 750,000 remotely-created checks, totaling greater than $22 million and drawn on the financial institution accounts of unwitting victims. Long obtained the account info of his victims by way of purchasing detailed spreadsheets containing personal and financial info; and, account data that he possessed from his prior work as a payment processor … Read More

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