5 Reasons Why Employee Insurance Is Important

During a pandemic like today, health is an important thing to always maintain. Especially if you are an employee insurance.

Currently there are many companies that provide facilities in the form of insurance for their employees. This is good news because it can be said as a way to appreciate employees.

Employees who are included as insurance participants by their company can also be more calm in carrying out their work, because they do not have to worry too much about work risks that can occur at any time.

Employee Insurance

Types of Employee Insurance

There are several types of employee insurance provided by the company, including:

Accident insurance

Accident insurance can protect employees from the risk of work accidents that can happen anytime. Usually, this type of insurance is given to workers who have a high level of risk of work accidents, such as mining workers, contractors, etc.

Even though currently the government has provided facilities to workers in the form of Employment BPJS, there is nothing wrong for companies to provide double protection to their employees by registering them with private insurance.

Life insurance

Life insurance is an important type of insurance for employees, especially for workers who also act as the sole breadwinner in the family. Life insurance can provide protection in the form of compensation to the families of workers who pass away, which can help relieve the families left behind.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is indeed mandatory for employees, because at least workers are required to have BPJS Health. However, not a few companies provide more protection for their employees.

Usually, companies enroll their employees in private health insurance, which is usually paid for by the company.

Travel insurance

This type of insurance is usually given to workers who have a fairly high level of mobility. Travel insurance not only protects its customers from accidents, but can also provide protection in the form of reimbursement for compensation if there is a flight delay, compensation for lost baggage, and others.

Education insurance

Other insurance that companies usually provide to employees is education insurance. This type of insurance can provide protection in the form of educational funding assistance for children.

Education insurance can be said to be quite important, because employees don’t have to worry about the education level of their children because everything is protected.

Pension insurance

The last insurance that is usually given to employees is pension insurance. This type of insurance can help workers during retirement by providing contributions that can increase their income when they enter retirement. The heirs can also benefit from pension insurance if the worker dies before entering retirement age.

Those are some types of insurance that companies usually provide to workers. Of course, each company has a different type of insurance for its employees.

How important is employee insurance?

Of course employee insurance is not only beneficial for employees, but also the company where he works. The following are some of the reasons why employee insurance is important.

Increase productivity

With employee insurance, of course it can make employees calmer in doing their jobs. This sense of calm can help increase employee work productivity.

Employees no longer need to think about risks that can occur at any time, or think about hospital costs when they or someone in their family falls ill. Everything is protected by health insurance provided by the company.

Increase job satisfaction

Providing employees with insurance can increase their job satisfaction. Employees feel cared for by the company. This is very important, because in addition to increasing morale for employees, high job satisfaction can also increase loyalty to the company.

Strengthen the relationship between employees and the company

A strong relationship between employees and the company can lead to positive work outcomes. In addition, a strong relationship between employees and the company can also produce a healthy environment in the company, so that employees can give the best results.

Can add value to the company

Companies that provide benefits in the form of insurance to their employees can make prospective workers more interested in working for that company. The impact is, there will be a lot of qualified human resources applying at the company.

In addition, providing employee insurance can also add value to the company. This value can be used for positive branding.