6 Expenses You Might Incur After a Car Accident

Car accidents often leave a trail of expenses behind. If you have never been involved in one, you may assume that the only expenses involved are medical costs. However, there are many other unexpected expenses that come with being involved in an accident. Read on to find what are some of the most common expenses you might encounter after a car accident.

Medical Bills

In a serious accident, a driver and other passengers may get injured. That means getting rushed to an emergency room for treatment which can cost a lot. Certain forms of treatment, such as x-rays and surgery, come with hefty bills. Even something as minor as burns or cuts can cost you a few hundred dollars. Even if it might not be much, it is an expense you had planned for, which means you will be at a financial loss.

Ongoing Physical Therapy

Some injuries such as neck and back injuries may require ongoing care, even after the initial treatment. However, most people are not aware of how costly physical therapy can be until they are given the bill. Depending on the injuries you have suffered, you may pay anything between $85 – $150 per session. When you suffer injuries due to someone else’s negligence, rightfully, you deserve compensation. But one mistake that most people make is negotiating for a settlement that only covers the initial treatment. When you fail to account for ongoing treatment, it means going back to your pocket to cover physical therapy. To avoid all this, Kuzyk law recommends working with an attorney who will consider all those expenses and ensure you get the right settlement.

Medication and Medical Devices

Depending on the injuries suffered, the doctor might recommend certain medications to help you heal or manage your pain. If the medication you are to use is not covered by insurance, this is an extra cost for you. You might also need medical devices such as a wheelchair, braces, a cane, or boots before fully recovering from your injuries. Such things are going to cost you.


If your car is totally damaged after an accident, meaning it cannot be operated, it will have to be towed. You will have to get in touch with a towing company to come and get the car and take it either to a repair shop or a place where it can be salvaged. Towing is not a free service. On average, the towing fee can be around $150 to $200, including tax fees, impound, and storage. Towing companies charge per mile. So, the further away you are from them, the higher it will cost you. While towing services may not seem that expensive compared to other expenses, it is an added cost on top of an already large bill.

Lost Wages

A car accident can hinder your ability to earn a living. If you have been seriously injured, you will need to take time off to recover. That means you are missing out on regular wages, overtime pay, commissions, bonuses, or the chance of being promoted.

Car Rental

If you rely on your car to get around and it is damaged, you will have to take it to a car repair shop for repairs. In the meantime, you have no means of transport, forcing you to approach a car rental company and hire a car to get you around. At the end of the day, this is another cost. And even if insurance covers the cost, settling your claim may take some time, which means you will have to pay out of pocket first.

Most people underestimate the expenses they might incur if they get into an accident. This has seen a lot of people getting less compensation than they deserve. If you are ever injured in a car accident due to someone’s negligence, get in touch with a personal injury attorney to help you get a fair settlement.