Eight Reasons Why You Should Get A Prenuptial Agreement

prenuptial agreements

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Estoppel of wife from letting legal title to her property stay in husband; husband’s right to foreclosure against spouse. Where wife advances money to her husband, there’s a presumption of a gift. Wife in whose name husband causes deed of land bought by him to be taken is bare trustee for him. Marriage presumed to be after April 20, 1877, unless proved to be earlier. Fraudulent representations of husband as to title of property held jointly with spouse don’t bind her if made with out her knowledge or assent. Right given married girl to sue husband denied unemancipated baby in suit in opposition to mother or father. Does not indicate a legislative intent to permit recovery for loss of consortium in any motion brought by both a husband or a wife in opposition to a 3rd get together whose negligence caused disabling injuries to the other spouse.


Wife could sue for personal damage to herself; eighty four C. 9; or alienation of husband’s affections.

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prenuptial agreements

Wife could sue for husband’s medical expenses for which she is legally liable. Spouses property rights not affected by marriage. Prior to enacting of section, wife could not bind herself as surety for husband. Not construed as depriving her of the best in equity to contract along with her husband in regard to her property. Married woman, throughout her lifetime, might get rid of all her property as she pleases. Legal and equitable title to mortgage usually are not merged where one makes it and the opposite acquires it by task; spouse, occupying with husband, can not hold adversely to him. Present standing of married girl.

Married lady could sue husband. Where husband and spouse make notice collectively, fee of interest by either is binding on different. Rights in constructing erected on land owned by husband and spouse jointly. Deed to husband and spouse makes them joint tenants with out survivorship.