Proving Your Personal Injury Case to the Auto Insurance Company

Proving your case to the insurance company can be just as frustrating as the car accident itself. There are several steps you must take to receive compensation. The process can take weeks, months, or even years, in some cases. You may be asked a lot of questions and required to submit documents such as medical records, or even undergo an independent medical examination. For that reason, you need an expert who practices personal injury law Orlando-based.

Why does the insurance company have to investigate your claim?

You may wonder why the insurance company makes your life so difficult. Why do you have to go through all these processes for injuries caused by an accident that was clearly not your fault? There are several reasons the other driver’s insurance company investigates your claim: to prevent auto insurance fraud, to properly value your claim, and to determine fault. Fraudulent or inflated claims do happen, and insurance companies have an interest in aggressively discouraging such claims. Although most accidents happen unintentionally, a small percentage of people are involved in staged crashes with the intent of defrauding the insurance company.

Legal Requirements

Insurance companies are required by law to honor their contracts; that is, to provide fair payment for claims when it is appropriate to do so. To do this, they have to collect as much information as possible. They also don’t want to overpay claims, so they spend a lot of time and effort accurately determining the value of injuries. All businesses, including insurance companies, want to save money. That desire serves as an incentive for insurance companies to find ways to undervalue your claim.

When does the investigation process begin?

The process begins when you file your claim. You can do this over the phone or by filling out a form on the insurance company’s website. Although your own insurance should not pay for damages or injuries caused by the other driver, they may be able to help you with the logistics of the process. Once your information is submitted, you will be assigned to an insurance adjuster. That person works on behalf of the insurance company and will make the initial decision on your claim.

What will the expert need?

The insurance adjuster will contact you with questions about your accident. They will want to know the details of what happened and may ask you a lot of clarifying questions to make sure you understand correctly. They may also ask you to submit evidence and reports of the accident, such as a police report, photos of the scene, and copies of your medical records and bills.