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Ruegger’s version of the collection used some of Timm’s designs and concepts, however Timm stated that the series was “radically altered” to turn into the comedy collection that was more to Spielberg’s liking. was written by Richard Stone, Steve Bernstein, Julie Bernstein, Gordon Goodwin and Tim Kelly. Stone gained a Daytime Emmy with lyricist Tom Ruegger for the main title music in 1996. Julie Bernstein was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Original Song in 1998 for the music “Invisibo” from the episode Freak-a-Panel.

Barbra Streisand also makes numerous appearances, most notably in the episode “Dexter’s Date”, which contains a parody of Hello, Dolly!. Deadpan – A plain-trying (nearly blank-confronted) feminine supervillain with a monotonous voice. She is a shapeshifter who once tried to beat Washington by remodeling into Freakazoid, but this plan was rapidly foiled when the real Freakazoid appeared instantly afterward and nonchalantly pointed her out. She had only one appearance within the chilly opening for “The Wrath of Guitierrez”. Arms Akimbo (voiced by John Schuck impersonating Edward G. Robinson) – A spoiled mannequin turned extortionist who, after years of posing, was left together with his arms frozen in a jaunty pose with his arms on his hips. His first look is in an area shop promoting “oops insurance”, a form of safety racketeering which primarily consists of him breaking one thing of worth , before comically following it up with a small “Oops.”

legal problems

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The Lawn Gnomes– Baffeardin , Huska , Honna , and Quist are a bunch of gnomes-turned-garden gnomes that come to life at night time in a parody of Gargoyles. Infamous for their mischief back in 995 AD, they were advised by the Great Mystic Gnome to alter their methods earlier than it will get worse for them. After planning to do so in per week, the 4 gnomes were cursed to turn into stone by day by the powerful wizard Rathgar after they tripped him and beforehand attacked his youthful Viking brother Erik the Large . They would revert at evening during which time they got the chance to mend their ways to fight evil alongside mankind, after which the curse can be lifted. During this one-time sketch, Freakazoid did his commentary on it. The Brain – A megalomaniacal genius and a genetically-altered laboratory mouse from the TV collection Pinky and the Brain.

Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Jeff Bennett, and Frank Welker, who all offered voices in the sequence Animaniacs, have been on Freakazoid!. Actors Ed Asner, Ricardo Montalbán, Larry Cedar, Jonathan Harris, and Stephen Furst additionally provided voices for the series. Also, writers John P. McCann and Paul Rugg added voices themselves.